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A Review of the Industry's Top 133 CPA Firms' Websites

How does your firm’s website compare to the leaders in the industry? What strategies and tactics are the most successful firms employing, and how does that impact overall online and search presence?

To find the answers to these questions, we took a look at the top 133 sites in the accounting industry. We analyzed nearly 25 different metrics to determine the most common practices on the sites of the accounting world’s leaders and speculated what those findings may mean for our industry.

What were the biggest takeaways? This year, several trends jumped out:
  • More firms are blogging than ever before – and they’re doing so on a more regular basis
  • Firms that aren’t blogging are driving far less traffic than firms that are actively posting at least twice a month
  • The amount of websites implementing responsive design doubled since our last survey
In this audit report PDF, you’ll find details on the revelations above as well as benchmarks for your firm in many other areas of online marketing, including:
  • E-newsletters
  • Social media
  • Premium content
  • Paid search
  • Marketing automation
  • And more
Learn where your firm needs to improve to keep up with the best in the industry. Download your free PDF report by filling out the form to the right.