Everyone likes to save money. Not everyone has inside knowledge of tax laws and regulations that, when leveraged properly, can unlock substantial savings for business owners and consumers alike.

That’s where we can help. At Skoda Minotti, we’re immersed each day in big-picture business challenges, and the finest details of tax policy, as we Deliver on the Promise of helping our clients grow their businesses. As experts in this ever-changing and complex arena, we’ve learned a thing or two over the years – about small business tax strategies, college and retirement planning, real estate tax issues, Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance – and much, much more. We thought we’d share 12 particularly useful pieces of advice – “12 Great Ideas,” if you will – that can help you stretch your dollar in meaningful ways.

We hope you find the information in this e-book valuable—even, dare we say, great.
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