Have you updated your Google AdWords campaigns to conform to Google’s new format? In August 2016, Google rolled out a new format that allows for larger headlines, more descriptive URLs and a consolidated description field. Advertisers will now have two 30-character headlines, versus the single 25-character headline in the past. In testing, Google found that this increased click-through rates by as much as 25 percent!

The problem with the rollout is that if you were already running ads with Google, it did not automatically convert your ads to the new format. If you try to edit your existing ads, it will lock you into the old template. Translation: You must now create your ads from scratch.

Problem solved! Whether you need to convert your existing ads or are starting a new campaign, we have created an easy AdWords template for you to set your ads up with in advance. It even includes character counts for each field so that you know if you are compliant with Google’s limits. Then you can easily copy and paste over to your AdWords account and set up your new ads.

If you need assistance setting up your AdWords campaign, or optimizing existing ads, please contact Bob Goricki at