Over the next three years about 19% of organizations are expected to experience a data breach of 10,000 or less records, and 1% are expected to experience a breach of over 100,000 records.

Are Your Network and Web Applications Secure?

Read our recent blog post on the latest data breaches and steps you can take to help ensure that your company's data is secure.

Special Offer: Vulnerability Assessment

Skoda Minotti's Risk Advisory Services practice is designed to help your business identify and mitigate security risks through the implementation of reasonable monitoring procedures and business controls. We are running an offer for External Network and Web Application Vulnerability Assessment services to all new customers.

For only $500 we are offering one of the following (or both for $750):

  • External Network Vulnerability Assessment - Up to 256 IP Addresses
  • External Web Application Vulnerability Assessment - Up to 1 Website

At the conclusion of our testing you will be provided a report detailing the issues noted, their severity, and suggested remediation activities. This report provides sufficient detail for your internal IT staff to validate and resolve the issues noted.

The risk of a breach is here to stay and not going away. Find out your risk level today and help prevent becoming another headline. Fill out the form to the right to download a free sample report and learn more about our special offer.

Learn more about our group by visiting Skoda Minotti Risk Advisory Services website or by calling us at 813-288-8826.

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