Flexible Overhead

Flexible Overhead

Today’s construction market is cyclical. For owners of contracting firms, that presents fundamental challenges. According to Thomas C. Schleifer, Ph.D., continuous growth in sales as a business model is impractical, high-risk and dangerous. Instead, a concentration on growth in profits rather than sales makes more sense.

In articles he has authored, Schleifer, a retired contracting firm owner and current industry consultant, believes that by focusing on profit growth, selection in projects shifts from a desperate need for sales to what a firm does best.

The secret to this strategy is a concept he developed called Flexible Overhead.

In this new e-book, Flexible Overhead is discussed and analyzed through interview excerpts with Roger T. Gingerich, CPA/ABV, CVA, CCA, the partner-in-charge of the Skoda Minotti Real Estate and Construction Group, and David Mustin, MBA, partner and head of Skoda Minotti’s Management Consulting Services Group.

Two additional experts also offer insights that pertain to their respective fields: Heidi Hoyt, managing director of Skoda Minotti’s Professional Staffing Group and a construction industry veteran, discusses potential staffing implications of Flexible Overhead for construction firms; and Lou Colagrossi, Vice President/Producer at Dawson Insurance and an expert in the placement of surety bonds for the construction industry, offers his perspective on how bonding firms might view Flexible Overhead.

The e-book is organized in five chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Overview, Historical Industry Challenges and Implementation Prospects
  • Chapter 2: Overcoming Objections: Common Criticisms
  • Chapter 3: Implementation Strategies and Insights: Harnessing the Power of Flexible Overhead
  • Chapter 4: Staffing Implications
  • Chapter 5: Understanding the Bonding Industry Perspective on Flexible Overhead

Learn whether Flexible Overhead can help your contracting organization become more profitable and efficient over time.

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