Fraud Prevention Measures

Every business owner would like to believe that their employees are honest. However, recent reports indicate this is not always the case—in fact, employers lose at least five percent of gross sales to fraud.

Given rapidly increasing rates of employee embezzlement, businesses and organizations of all sizes must have in place strong internal controls and proactive fraud measures. In the new e-book, Fraud Prevention Measures, Skoda Minotti’s Business Valuation and Litigation Advisory Support Group addresses several fraud prevention measures that businesses and organizations can take to minimize the risk of being a fraud victim.

E-book topics include:

  • Background Checks
  • Fraud Hotlines
  • Employee Dishonesty Insurance
  • Effective Fraud Policies
  • If You Talk the Talk, You Must Walk the Walk
  • Surprise! Gotcha! Unexpected Fraud Audits Yield Results
  • Is it Worth the Risk to Not Perform a Fraud Risk Assessment?

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