Fueling Business Growth Through Planning


As a business owner or executive, no matter what business you’re in, growth is your imperative.

For your business to thrive – let alone remain competitive – it must grow by adding customers, finding new ways to serve customers, expanding its footprint or acquiring other organizations.

How can you best accomplish this? There are lots of ways. But it all starts with planning.

Skoda Minotti’s e-book, Fueling Business Growth Through Planning, is designed to help business owners like you appreciate the value of planning for your business; understand its recurring role in your annual business cycle; and harness tools and techniques to activate the process, starting now. It is organized in five chapters:

  • Chapter 1: The Role of Planning in the Annual Business Cycle
  • Chapter 2: Using Analytics to Inform Your Planning Process
  • Chapter 3: Shifting From Planning to Action
  • Chapter 4: Realizing Your Plan: Utilizing Project and Program Management
  • Chapter 5: Conclusion

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