If you own or operate a manufacturing business, you’ve undoubtedly invested years of hard work and sweat equity to position it for success. It’s been a remarkable journey—one filled with long hours, twists and turns, perhaps a few potholes, and hopefully a greater number of successes. Yet, to continue on that journey, the business must evolve and grow, and generally speaking, that can occur in one of two ways: organically (i.e., growth or expansion from within) or inorganically (i.e., acquisition).

There may be valid reasons for your business to pursue organic growth; but this kind of growth tends to take time, so you may not see a return on your investment for years. Acquisitions also is time and resource intensive, but the right acquisition can potentially expand your income, assets and market share and jolt your business’ growth curve in ways few organic growth strategies could ever accomplish.

If a potential acquisition aligns with your business strategy and can help propel it forward, then this e-book is for you. In it, we explain why acquisitions are popular for buyers and sellers alike in the manufacturing and distribution sector; help you determine whether an acquisition is right for your business; provide insights on where to look for potential acquisition targets; suggest realistic time frames for the process; and offer practical strategies for pursuing financing, structuring compensation and integrating corporate cultures. 

Our guidance is organized in six chapters:
Chapter 1: Understanding What Makes Manufacturing Businesses Attractive Acquisition Targets
Chapter 2: Developing the Building Blocks of an Acquisition Strategy
Chapter 3: Strategies for Identifying Acquisition Paths and Potential Targets
Chapter 4: Setting Time Frame Expectations for an Acquisition
Chapter 5: Financing Considerations
Chapter 6: Other Essential Do’s and Don’ts

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