DataServ, a Skoda Minotti technology company, has produced a valuable e-book to help you understand ransomware and how to protect your business.

Malware is a constant threat to businesses, school districts and any organization that uses the internet. The latest strain, ransomware, is particularly nasty. In short, hackers send out infected links in pseudo-official emails or offer them on web pages. These links, if clicked on, infect your device with a Trojan-style virus that invades your files. At that point, the hackers hold them for ransom.

Yes, a ransom -- just like a kidnapping scenario. Hackers hold your data hostage until you pay a fee, which can range anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t pay it, the hackers will permanently lock your data. It’s a scary thought, but there are steps to take to ensure your organization survives the rise of ransomware attacks.

This e-book will answer questions in regard to:

  • What exactly is ransomware
  • How to identify a ransomware attack
  • How to mitigate an attack
  • Prevention measures
  • Box Stats
  • Box Stats 2 updated
  • Box Stats 3
  • Box Stats 4