Winning the Acquisition Game

If you’re a business owner, you’ve put years of hard work into building your business. You’ve taken risks, made sizeable investments, dodged more than your share of bullets, laughed, probably shed some tears, and worked very long hours to get your business where it is today.

The need for growth never ceases, so for many business owners, reaching the next plateau of growth is a goal best achieved through acquisition.

If you intend to play the acquisition game, you must play it to win—or go home. When it comes to a transactional event of this magnitude, partial success serves no one well—you, your family, your employees, or your clients/customers. You must win.

To help you, we at Skoda Minotti have developed an e-book, Winning the Acquisition Game, with sound strategies and practical techniques to help you achieve victory at every stage of your acquisition journey.

This e-book is organized in five chapters:

  • Chapter One: Develop an M&A Strategy
  • Chapter Two: M&A Markets – Understanding Current Conditions, Identifying Opportunities
  • Chapter Three: Financing Do’s and Don’ts
  • Chapter Four: Compensation Considerations for the Buyer in an Acquisition of an Operating Entity
  • Chapter Five: Cultural Considerations

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